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TrilioVault is the industry’s first and only native recovery, data protection & backup solution for OpenStack clouds. This productized evolution of Raksha (authored by Trilio Data) provides resiliency and business assurance through efficient point-in-time capture, storage, and application recovery. TrilioVault’s downloadable, self-service, agentless, forever-scalable platform can efficiently retain synthetic full images, recover any point in time with a single click, and access historical information effortlessly using the Horizon dashboard or leveraging Trilio’s rich set of APIs.

TrilioVault is the trusted data backup & recovery solution of leading OpenStack adopters for data protection, migration, resource management, configuration, change management, and sandbox-as-a-service in private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Comply with corporate Service Level Agreements for data recovery.

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Instant Recovery

Reliably recover VM instances, applications, folders and files.

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Simplicity & Self-Service

A downloadable, native, agentless drop-in-solution to any size cloud.


Ability to capture environmental points-in-time consisting of OS, compute, network configurations, security groups, data, and metadata as a whole.

Snapshots can be held in a variety of storage environments including NFS, Swift and 3rd party arrays.

Tenant driven policy creation and single-click recovery that improves Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Application awareness and consistency regardless of changes to the environment.

Use Cases


While virtualization relies on infrastructure for resiliency in the cloud, distributed applications are responsible for their own resiliency and are independent of the underlying infrastructure. Add in a layer of internal or external Service Level Agreement(s), compliance or regulatory requirements and resiliency becomes critical to move the business forward. By leveraging TrilioVault’s tenant driven policy enablement, you can manage your own backups and recover to an exact moment in point with just one click.

Disaster Recovery

With increasingly complex and critical IT environments, companies and service providers need to look for the best ways to fully protect their business, while at the same time providing easier, faster and more reliable recovery. While nothing is fail-proof, an ideal recovery solution will get your business up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal negative impact, should disaster strike. By leveraging TrilioVault, you can keep a point in time copy in NFS, Object Store or S3 repositories on and/or off premise (private or public cloud). If the time does arise for the need to recover, with Trilio you can effortlessly spin up applications along with its operating system, network configurations, security groups and policies, metadata and data into a new zone, datacenter, or cloud knowing that your environment will reflect the last best known state.

Application and Data Management through Migration

Regardless of the cloud you’re using, the need to migrate can be driven by economics, security, test & dev or just resource management. Through TrilioVault, a tenant or administrator can capture an application and its data and migrate that exact moment in time to another OpenStack or public cloud. In the event of cloud upgrade cycles or the need to relieve overtaxed availability zones and clouds, use TrilioVault to migrate multi VM application workloads with ease, providing little to no disruption to your tenants.

Application Awareness

Disaster can strike in many forms. Sometimes it may be a loss of a compute node, availability zone, data center. Application context includes the VMs, flavors of the VMs, network settings and all the volumes attached to those VMs. Leveraging TrilioVault’s cloud lifecycle management capabilities allows you to capture configuration information throughout your cloud journey and empowers you to restore those environments to “Day 0 + N.” Historical fixes, patches and tweaks per machine can bring you back to present day quickly and efficiently without the need for low-level scripting. Now business critical services such as NFV can be quickly configured to any state assuring optimal quality of service.

Sandbox as a Serve / Test & Dev

Testing is the long tail cost of disaster recovery planning, but it is one that is of the utmost importance. More and more organizations expect shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Cloud workloads can be large and complex and the recovery of a workload from a backup must be executed with 100% accuracy in a rapid manner. That is why it is also recommended that backups be tested regularly to ensure successful recovery when required. With Trilio, you can easily move full moments in time or backups onto other parts of your network to test against (“Sandbox as a Service”).

Multi-cloud Backup & DR Management

Multi-cloud strategies emerge in order to deliver the most appropriate environment for your infrastructure and applications to meet the needs of your organization. As cloud technologies and platforms begin to propagate themselves throughout an organization, an IT Operation’s reach and responsibilities continue to grow as well. The cloud may deliver self-service abilities empowering tenants where possible, however broader oversight and administration may still be in the hands of IT.  While TrilioVault empowers a tenant to manage their own domain, IT Operations can provide administration over multiple OpenStack Clouds at once.  Through TrilioVault, manage backup and DR policies and strategies in one or several OpenStack clouds and have the ability to migrate point-in-time workloads from one OpenStack cloud to the next with ease and assurance.

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