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8 Tips to Building an Effortless Cloud Migration Strategy

This article is a guest post from Gilad David Mayaan. Migrating applications to the cloud has become commonplace. Most companies have moved at least one service in the cloud, and hybrid cloud is an increasingly common strategy. Shifting operations to the cloud presents challenges about data protection during and after the move. In this article, we’ll discuss effective tips to make the migration as seamless as possible, while protecting your data. Cloud Migration: Benefits and…
Trilio Content Team
June 13, 2019

Migrating Your Cloud? A “Lift and Shift” Could Be Holding You Back

This article is adapted from one that was originally published in Techerati by our CEO, David Safaii. Click here to view the article in its original form. Millions of companies around the globe are in the process of moving legacy applications and VMs from virtualized infrastructure to the cloud. While the two infrastructures share many similarities, clouds are fundamentally different than on-premises infrastructure (and, in many ways, they are better). Despite this, many IT teams are…
David Safaii
June 6, 2019