Big Data & Disaster Recovery Expert Article

Big Data & Disaster Recovery: What’s Your Plan B?

We can all agree that big data – or really, just data – are the crown jewels of your organization. But what are you doing to preserve, protect and defend your data? Have you developed a big data disaster recovery plan? Regardless of how you're deploying big data – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – you'd be remiss if you have a half-baked disaster recovery (“DR”) strategy. While many public cloud services are cost-effective,…
David Safaii
January 20, 2015
OpenStack Backup and Recovery Requirements Expert Article

OpenStack Backup and Recovery

You don’t think much about OpenStack backup requirements when it comes to cloud. After all, you build your applications on ephemeral storage and compute. These resources are not expected to persist across reboots and power cycles and your application is built against these failures. You create your workloads on-the-fly from the persistent store such as object store, perform your computation, and save the results back to persistent store. Life is beautiful. Unfortunately, only a small…
Murali Balcha
May 8, 2014