Cloud-Native Data Protection with TrilioVault

A Comprehensive Solution Overview

Cloud computing has changed the way that we store and restore applications and data, but most data protection solutions haven’t kept up. In the cloud, distributed applications are responsible for their own resiliency, and are independent of the underlying infrastructure. When all of your systems integrate into this architecture, it works well.

However, as more companies move existing workloads to public and private cloud environments, that lack of resiliency becomes problematic. It’s common for production clouds today to hold a mixed bag of new and legacy applications, making data protection a critical component.

This in-depth overview of TrilioVault will address:This whitepaper explores how TrilioVault’s native cloud integration provides your cloud tenants with reliability, flexibility, and self-service control capabilities that are simply unmatched.

  • How cloud adoption has shifted the requirements for data protection
  • Why cloud-native data protection is critical to maintaining and protecting your OpenStack cloud environment
  • TrilioVault’s core components, including a review of the backup, recovery, and management features and functionality

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