Trilio for Red Hat OpenStack

The Missing Link for Cloud-Native Data Protection

Red Hat OpenStack is seeing accelerated adoption globally by financial institutions, managed service providers, NFV operators, enterprises and even small-to-medium businesses. OpenStack enables organizations of all sizes to build, manage and operate an open cloud infrastructure, and to realize operational and cost benefits by serving both cloud-native stateless apps and traditional, stateful workloads on the same cloud infrastructure. However, during their digital transformation journey, many organizations realize they are missing a way to satisfy production-grade requirements for backup and recovery.

In this webinar, Sean Cohen and Boaz Michaely will discuss Trilio’s role in the cloud-native backup and recovery space, and highlight the solution’s unique design features and benefits, including how Trilio enables admins and tenants to:

  • Restore entire workloads into production after a disaster
  • Recover files, folders and data records after accidental damage or loss
  • Migrate workloads across OpenStack clouds and distributions
  • Quickly roll back from a problematic upgrade
  • Easily manage copy schedule and policies

You will also see a demo of how Trilio works within a Red Hat OpenStack environment, properly protecting and recovering an OpenStack workload. Complete the form to the right to view the webinar.

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