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Trilio Data named to “10 Hot New Software Products for Enterprise IT” list by CRN

By June 23, 2016August 5th, 2020No Comments

Trilio Data was recently named to CRN’s “10 Hot New Software Products for Enterprise IT” list. Senior Technical Editor Kyle Alspach writes, “Along with a common goal of moving enterprises into the future, these products share an emphasis on the importance of software over hardware. Recurring themes include web scale IT, containers, hyper-convergenceĀ and, of course, cloud.”

Says Alspach, “Getting into the cloud computing game using open-source software from OpenStack is supposed to make life better for the enterprise. But many organizations will find that they’ll need a data assurance service that works with OpenStack to ensure they’re meeting their compliance requirements. In April, startup Trilio Data launched an updated version of its TrilioVault backup and recovery service for OpenStack. TrilioVault is the only native OpenStack backup service to hit the market so far, with the alternative being for organizations to develop their own assurance solution for OpenStack.”

Read the full article here.

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