Plans & Pricing

TrilioVault is available to download as a Free Trial or Basic Edition for Kubernetes.
Enterprise Edition is available via Demo Request.

Free Trial

Free for 30 days
Unlimited # of Nodes
All Product Features
Unlimited Backups
Unlimited Restores
Online Support
*Backups Not Recoverable After Trial Period

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Free Basic Edition

Free up to 10 Nodes
No Time Limitations
All Product Features
Unlimited Backups
Unlimited Restores
Online Support
*Up to 10 Nodes for A Single Cluster

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Enterprise Edition

Custom / Annual
Pricing By # of Nodes, Clusters or VMs
All Product Features
Unlimited Backups
Unlimited Restores
Premium Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Free Trial and Basic Edition plans?

TrilioVault is available to download as a Free Trial or Basic Edition for Kubernetes & OpenShift.

Free Trial is the full TrilioVault product and is available for 30 days. Please note that backups are not recoverable after the trial period has expired.

Basic Edition is the full TrilioVault product and is available for environments up to 10 nodes for a single Kubernetes cluster. 

Are Free Trial and Basic Edition available for all distributions or just Upstream Kubernetes?

You can download TrilioVault Free Trial and Basic Edition for all supported distributions including Red Hat OpenShift.

How do I download the software?

In the above grid, select either Free Trial or Basic Edition and click “Download Now”. You’ll be required to fill out a form using your business email. You’ll then be sent an email with a link to download the license and software.

Why do I need to include my GitHub handle?

If you include your GitHub handle, you’ll be able to submit bugs and enhancement requests via GitHub Issues. Trilio will be monitoring and responding to submissions in this community.

Can I sign-up for Basic Edition after using Free Trial?

Yes. Click the Basic Edition “Download Now” button and follow the same steps to download the software.

After I’ve downloaded TrilioVault, where can I learn more?

You’ll be sent a ‘Getting Started Guide’ and links to our How-To video series as well as additional documentation. We’ll also enroll you in our weekly best-practice email series. 

You can access this content today.

What is Enterprise Edition?

TrilioVault Enterprise Edition offers support for Kubernetes, OpenShift, OpenStack or Red Hat Virtualization. Enterprise Edition is the full product, with no time or scale limitations, and includes premium service and support.

How is Enterprise Edition priced?

Enterprise Edition is priced by number of nodes or VMs on an annual basis.

How do I purchase an Enterprise Edition plan?

You can request Enterprise Edition here.

Where can I find more information on the product?

More information on TrilioVault, including features, use cases, architecture and the compatibility chart can be found here.

If you have any questions, please ask the webchat

What technical requirements do I need to be aware of to deploy TrilioVault?

You need to be running OpenShift v4.2 and above or Upstream Kubernetes 1.13 and above.  You also need to be using Container Storage Interface (CSI) with snapshot technology.

How do I get support?

For customers of Free Trial and Basic Edition, please see GitHub Issues or email

For Enterprise Edition customers, Customer Service can be contacted by clicking on Support. You’ll need to provide the credentials assigned to you during on-boarding.

How often is the product updated?

We generally follow the Kubernetes release cadence, but we will at most be one release behind Upstream Kubernetes.

If I move my application to a different cloud will that affect my license?

Your license is tied to the Kubernetes cluster, not to your application. You are free to migrate your backups between clusters, both on-prem and off-prem as long as you have a valid TrilioVault license on the cluster you are restoring.