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The Challenge: Data Exposure

As the next stage in their evolution, enterprise IT departments and service providers are looking to offer Backup-as-a-Service for OpenStack private clouds. But infrastructure resiliency through virtualization alone is not backup, and once legacy applications or data are introduced into these scale-out cloud environments, it is vital to have a comprehensive and holistic backup and recovery solution.

Today, organizations have limited-to-no backup and recovery options for their customers outside of retrofitting traditional backup vendors’ products with scripts, adding more storage, and manually reconstructing environments when there is a failure or an integrity issue. These manual processes negatively impact manageability, environmental recoverability, and jeopardize corporate SLAs.

Additionally, DevOps teams must quickly spin up point-in-time test clouds – similar to production environments – to test feature and version releases and ensure reliable software delivery. This requires manual processes to recreate environments with copied production data, ultimately slowing release cycles.

The Solution: TrilioVault

TrilioVault is the industry’s first native backup and recovery solution for OpenStack. Developed out of Raksha – the first data-protection-as-a-service specification for OpenStack – and authored by Trilio Data’s founders, TrilioVault was designed and built from the ground up specifically for OpenStack.

Adhering to the characteristics required by cloud environments, TrilioVault’s flexible, fault-tolerant, forever scalable solution provides seamless self-service, multi-tenant, policy-based comprehensive backup and rapid recovery of workloads running in OpenStack. The solution captures environmental points-in-time (Application, OS, Compute, Network, Configurations, Security Groups, Data and Metadata of an environment) as full or incremental snapshots. These snapshots can be held in a variety of storage environments, including NFS, Swift, and 3rd party Arrays.

With TrilioVault’s single-click recovery, organizations not only improve Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), but also can have the confidence of migrating legacy applications and workloads into production environments with no fear of data loss. IT departments are enabled to fully deploy OpenStack solutions and provide business assurance through enhanced data retention, protection and integrity…TrilioVault is essential to each and every OpenStack environment.



Comply with Corporate SLA for Data Recovery

Instant Recovery

Reliably recover VM instances and applications


A drop in solution to any size cloud, easy to manage and totally tenant-driven solution

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