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Canonical Ubuntu

OpenStack Data Protection with TrilioVault

Trilio has partnered with Canonical Ubuntu to deliver our native backup and recovery solutions as part of BootStack, Canonical’s fully-managed OpenStack private cloud solution. As part of this partnership, Trilio worked closely with the Canonical team to develop a tight integration with the platform, as well as a custom Juju Charm for easy deployment and management.

Our flagship product, TrilioVault, enables Canonical to provide backup-as-a-service to their end users. Bootstack users can log into their Horizon dashboard as they normally would, define workload and VM backups within the policy guidelines set by their administrator, and restore those workloads where they need them on-demand.

About the Partnership

TrilioVault is the only OpenStack-native backup and recovery solution and a the partner of choice for Canonical-based OpenStack clouds. TrilioVault empowers Canonical’s end-users with self-service protection and recovery of not just data, but entire workloads within their cloud environment. That means any provisioned users can rapidly and reliably replicate or restore their own workloads on their own schedule, without any help from centralized IT.

Learn more about this partnership in this interview with Trilio’s CEO, David Safaii, and Canonical’s Program Director, Arturo Suarez.

We partner with companies around the globe as part of our mission to give you control over backup and recovery within your clouds. As part of this program, we work with all major OpenStack distributions, including Canonical Ubuntu.

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Canonical Ubuntu BootStack

BootStack is the fully managed private cloud service from Canonical, running on customer hardware in their datacenter, remotely operated and supported by Canonical’s expert Reliability Engineers. With certified hardware, pre-tested software architectures and fully automated deployment, BootStack can be deployed into production in as little as two weeks. BootStack is also very cost-effective, and reduces the up-front costs typically associated with private clouds.

Your Cloud. Built. Managed. Delivered.

Hardware Fully tested and certified OpenStack reference hardware from your vendor of choice.
Management infrastructure Stand-up a production grade OpenStack cloud with:

  • Programmatic API
  • UI Dashboard
  • Full management system (Landscape) monitoring and log aggregation solutions
Who manages the cloud Canonical manages the cloud from initial set-up to 24×7 monitoring and management. The customer can take control at any point in time, and continue to receive support services from Canonical independently of the operation of the cloud.
Services offered
  • Cloud and hardware health monitoring
  • Patches and upgrades (OS and OpenStack)
  • Hardware and software failure prevention and fix
  • Capacity and performance planning and reports
  • Problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Pay as you grow
  • No need to hire scarce OpenStack resources
  • Get up and running very quickly
  • 24×7 production grade support

Canonical Foundation Cloud Build

Foundation Cloud Build is Canonical’s consulting service to design and deliver production OpenStack clouds. The team delivers a highly available production cloud, implemented on-site with Canonical’s expert delivery team, in the shortest possible time.

What’s Included?

A Production-Grade OpenStack Cloud
  • Ceph block and object storage
  • KVM and LXD hypervisors
  • OpenVSwitch virtual networking
The Cloud Machine
  • MAAS physical automation
  • Juju service modeling
  • Containerised control plane
  • Cloud monitoring with Canonical Landscape, Elasticsearch and nagios
  • Resource usage trending and metrics with Prometheus and Grafana
Approved and Tested Hardware Specs Include Dell, HP and Supermicro
On-Site Workshop Engineer requirements and build a tenant onboarding plan
Design Documentation For cloud architecture, network and infrastructure

Watch this webinar to learn more about using the Foundation Cloud Build services to migrate to Canonical Ubuntu OpenStack.

TrilioVault’s OpenStack-Native Data Protection

For any organization planning or using a production Red Hat OpenStack cloud, data protection is critical to reducing the risk of data loss. Unfortunately, when OpenStack was first released, there were no options for cloud-native backup and recovery. That’s why Trilio built a software-only solution that is specifically designed for OpenStack clouds and adheres to the principles of cloud: multi-tenancy, self-service, and scalability.

So what does that mean? Unlike all the hardware-centric legacy backup solutions that were designed in the days when mainframes were king, TrilioVault is focused on distributing management and control of cloud backups to individual users. Regardless of the size of the cloud, with Trilio, each tenant of your cloud has the ability to log onto the Horizon dashboard, choose a data policy, and — in a couple of clicks — back up their entire workload. But that’s only half the battle–TrilioVault also gives those users the ability to restore their environment to a specific point-in-time from the same interface, without any help from centralized IT.

Recover Any Point-in-Time in a Single Click

Because we’re tenant-driven and self-service, there’s a lot that each individual user within your company can do to improve Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), all from within the Horizon dashboard or via Trilio’s rich set of APIs.

  • Captures data + entire workloads, not disparate configurations and settings
  • Incremental forever backups
  • Agentless & lightweight
  • API-driven
  • Trusted by large Fortune 500 companies and small MSPs alike
  • Store snapshots in a variety of storage environments including NFS, Swift, and 3rd party arrays
  • Point-in-time restoration of synthetic full images
  • Effortlessly spin up workloads, including applications along with its OS and configurations
  • Restore to current, new, or public clouds
  • Multi-tenant & end-user driven
  • Self-service via Horizon
  • Linear, infinite scale
  • Downloadable, software-only solution

How It Works

TrilioVault operates as a native OpenStack service within the Bootstack cloud.

A diagram of how TrilioVault works within the Canonical Ubuntu Bootstack cloud environment

See It in Action

Trilio’s Juju Charm

Juju Charms are sets of scripts for deploying and operating software. With event handling built in, they can declare interfaces that fit charms for other services, so relationships can be formed.

The Trilio Data Mover Juju Charm enables the automated creation and placement of Trilio Data Movers on the OpenStack control nodes, eliminating the need for agents and scaling automatically with your cloud.

Native Backup & Recovery for BootStack

Backup your Canonical OpenStack environment with the leading cloud-native data protection solution.

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