10 Requirements for Cloud-Native Data Protection

A Buyer's Guide

The Rise of Cloud-Native Data Protection

Organizations have reached a tipping point: private and hybrid cloud technologies have achieved such reliability and ubiquity that they have become a critical part of your infrastructure. Often, this shift is a response to the forever-rising cost of the major public cloud platforms but, just as often, it’s the result of a business pushing itself to innovate, modernize, and identify new efficiencies.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explain why protecting these environments with cloud-native solutions is critical, and outline 10 key criteria to evaluate when selecting a cloud-native data protection solution including:

  • Adherence to core cloud principles, including multi-tenancy, infinite scalability, and automation
  • Integration with user interfaces, lifecycle management tools, and reporting that your team relies on daily
  • Application awareness and the ability to capture and store complete cloud workload snapshots

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